Can’t Miss Sessions at #SIGNALConf

We’re a week away from SIGNAL. In addition to our morning keynotes, there are over 100 sessions where you’ll learn to leverage cutting-edge communications technology to transform your business and level-up your development skills. 

We heard from previous attendees that they wanted to get their hands dirty on real life sample apps and code so this year, we added workshops to the SIGNAL session line up. We hope you can walk away from SIGNAL with a head start on building your app or fast-track your Twilio knowledge journey. Whether you’re deploying a fleet of IoT-connected devices, sharpening your email marketing skills, or launching a new contact center— there’s a session for you.

Tuesday, August 6

Developers and marketers alike are invited to this workshop, Twilio SendGrid’s Email API: Features, Tricks, and Tips where you'll learn to implement your email architecture right the first time. Come prepared with your own domain and SendGrid account to execute your email strategy using Twilio SendGrid's Email API. We'll focus on authentication best practices, content features, and the many ways you can use the Email API. Tuesday at 1 PM in room 2016

Are you wondering how other companies use Twilio? Every year the customer success team at Intuit's TurboTax solves millions of phone support and tax advice cases over the phone. Their session Your call cannot be completed as dialed – TurboTax + Twilio, an April 15th tax deadline love story walks through the Intuit usage of many Twilio products. With a distributed, work-from-home army of thousands of experts ready to support customers, the TurboTax phone system is the backbone for connecting people in need. This is a story of how Twilio checks the quality, uptime, and availability of a massive distributed call center. Tuesday at 2:20 PM in room 2001

Fifteen years ago the inbox was a terrifying place—spoofing, spam and phish were out of control which lead to the creation of authentication technology. Similarly, robocalls have reached a fever pitch by disrupting our daily lives and threatening unsuspecting callers. Abuse in the two channels have seen a similar cross-industry initiative to make digital communications more trusted. Join the Conversation with those shaping anti-spam and anti-spoofing approaches at Twilio SendGrid, Facebook, and Comcast.  Tuesday at 4:55 PM in room 2005

What’s the fuss about the women in Product Management? As the number of women in technical careers increase, we continue to face different types of barriers and should work together on how to overcome them. In the Being a woman in product session you will hear from influential Women in Product at Twilio and can ask them questions as you navigate your career. Tuesday at 5:35 PM in room 2009.

Wednesday, August 7

Have you ever wanted to bring to life your IoT device idea but never had the opportunity? Cellular IoT connectivity for every “thing” with Twilio and Microsoft Azure will help you learn best practices to add cellular connectivity along with identity and authentication to your IoT devices. Connect and authenticate an IoT device against Azure IoT Hub/Central and even push telemetry data with zero* configuration. Wednesday at 2:20 PM in Room 2016.

See how the Voice Insights team solves common Business Intelligence, DevOps, and Machine Learning problems with data. In the Getting the Most from Your Voice Insights Data workshop, learn how to leverage the new Voice Insights API with Apache Zeppelin with Apache Spark to efficiently solve practical real-world problems by generating reports, analyzing trends, and exploring your data in new ways. Leave with a fully functional Docker container and source code. Wednesday at 4:15 PM in Room 2006

Many of our customers start from ground zero, sending a one-way alert. In this Alerts and Notifications, Where Do I Start? workshop, you will learn how to handle all kinds of alerts and notifications, which use cases suit which scenarios and how to work in channels beyond SMS. Join the Messaging product team on Wednesday at 2:20 PM in room 2009.

We can’t wait to see you at SIGNAL! Register today.

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