Introducing Twilio's Referral Program

At Twilio, nothing makes us happier than hearing that a customer enjoys Twilio so much they want to share it with a friend. In fact, we enjoy it so much we’ve decided to make it easier – and to reward folks out there spreading the good word.

That’s why today, we’re launching Twilio’s new referral program.  

(Find your referral link here in Console)

You and your friends get to use Twilio for free, and we get more customers like you! Win-win-win.

How the Referral Program works

We’ve designed the program to be as straightforward as possible. In fact, we can simplify it into only a few bullets (less reading! ?)

  • You get a personal referral link that you can share with your networks
  • Users sign up with your link, upgrade, then receive $10 to spend with Twilio
  • For each person you refer who signs up for Twilio and upgrades, you get $10 in your Twilio account

Depending on the country where you’re sending… that’s over 1250 SMS messages… or 1,000 free voice minutes…. or over 12,000 chats. And that’s just for 1 referral!

How to get started with the Referral Program

To get started, head on over to the Twilio console by logging in to your account (or by signing up). Click on the newly available “Referral Dashboard” on your console dashboard to access your personal link:

Screenshot of the console showing Twilio's referral program button

After clicking you’ll see a pop-up that explains all the details of the referral program (in case you forget all about this article). Click the red “Copy link” button to get your personal link:

Screenshot of the referral program showing how links appear

And that’s it! It’s all you from here.

Your signups and upgrades will show up in this dashboard, so check back in whenever you want a tally.

Ideas on how to share your referral code

Where to share your code:

  • LinkedIn
  • Twitch/Youtube channels
  • Reddit profile
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Your blog
  • In your email signature

What to say:

  • I use Twilio to (fill in the blank). You can too – for free! Use my referral link to get $10 when you upgrade.
  • Twilio makes it easy for me to engage with my customers. But it’s even easier when it’s free. Use my referral link so we both get $10 of Twilio

To get started today, visit the Referral Dashboard from your Twilio console dashboard.

Happy sharing!

Laura Schaffer is a Product Manager on Twilio's Growth team. She currently manages Twilio’s Experimentation Platform, Promo Platform, and Onboarding products. but everyone knows her favorite child is the new Referral Program. She can be reached at laura [at]

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