Minion Masters Snowsgiving Tournament Rules and Prizing

Minion Masters Snowsgiving Tournament Finals

In the spirit of winter and spending time with those close to you, we wanted to spend a little more time with all of you! That’s why we will be holding a GIGANTIC TOURNAMENT — over $25,000 of prize money — during Snowsgiving.

We are now proud to announce our top 8 from our Partner Invitational 2v2 and our Solo 1v1 qualifiers. These players battled it out to secure a spot in the Finals.

Top 8 Solo Players
Shady Hobos

Top 8 Duos / Teams
Team 1 — Burros Locos
ZonkyTheDonkey & Engineer Gandalf The Pink

Team 2 — Formido
Kuryoku Vango

Team 3 — Juleezy
sprEEEzy Julaiwnl

Team 4 — Place”R”Us
Gemini & Owo

Team 5 -Scrat Pack
Freedom Redeemer & Grey Wolf

Team 6 -Smyte
Nickatnyte +Smoshi

Team 7 — Up All Night
Envyyous & Ecke

Team 8 — Who’s Your Daddy
INDIE & Duck Daddy

You can watch all the actions from their stream, or on ours here. Thanks to all the players who participated and we can’t wait to see who we crown as our winners!

We also have some rules to make sure nothing goes wrong. You can read all the rules for the tournament here. If you have any questions, feel free to join the official Minion Masters server by clicking here.

Happen to have Discord Nitro? All Minion Masters champions is available to Discord Nitro subscribers right now, so try ’em all out and figure out who fits your playstyle best!

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