Discord Community Hack Week! Build and create alongside us.

From June 24th to 28th, we’ll be hurling magic into the world from our minds and fingertips for Discord Hack Week. So, grab the nearest toolset you can find, because we want you to participate!

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Engineers. Artists. Anyone with some creative oomph is encouraged to participate and jam alongside us in ten different categories.

Join our Hack Week Community Server here and read below to get all the details needed to participate.


There are ten categories to participate in. We’ve separated them into two meta categories — Bots and Creative. The top three submissions in each of the ten categories will be awarded prizes (listed below in Prizes section).

We’ve kept the categories as broad as possible — we don’t want to restrict your imagination too much. Push boundaries and think outside the box!


Bots are an important part of Discord’s ecosystem. Here are the five categories for bots:

  • Productivity. Enhance the Discord experience with tools and utility.
  • Entertainment. I’m bored. Make something fun!
  • Moderation. Make admins lives better.
  • Social. Enhance the community experience.
  • Shitpost. Something silly or off-the-wall.


Flex your artistic side and make some content for others to enjoy! All works must be related to Discord in some way.

  • Fan Art. Our eyeballs demand to be amazed.
  • Emoji. Make a set of emoji! Must be a minimum of ten.
  • Music. Our ears demand to be amazed.
  • Merch. Design some fantasy Discord apparel.
  • Story. Tell a story! With words. Or art. Or music. Or all of them!


First place for each category will receive the following:

  • Discord Hack Week T-Shirt
  • Discord Hack Week Stickers
  • One free year of Nitro

Second and third place for each category will receive one free year of Nitro

Discord Community Hack Week Rules

  • You may choose to work on a project alone or on a team with up to five people.
  • Participants can only be assigned to one Hack Week team or project.
  • No previously made art and or bots can be submitted for entry. You can only work on the project and submit them from Monday, June 24th 10:00AM PDT to Friday, June 28th at 11:59PM PDT.
  • By submitting an entry for the Discord Community Hack Week Contest, you give us the permission to use it in our marketing channels to showcase how amazing the community is.
  • No NSFW content is allowed to be submitted for entry.
  • Any entries that break our Discord Community Guidelines or our Terms of Service will be disqualified.

Bot Submission Rules

  • The bot must be a Discord bot, silly.
  • Teams or individuals must open source the code for their projects. We recommend GitHub for hosting your code repository.
  • All bots that are created for Discord Hack Week must be Open Sourced.
  • Open source libraries can be used (so you don’t need to build your very own Discord API library, for example)
  • Teams or individuals can work on ideas that they’ve had before the event or have even worked on before (they just can’t reuse the same code)
  • Teams or individuals are allowed to receive advice and support from people not on their team (user feedback/research/etc). A team or individual is not allowed to have an outside member help them build the actual bot.

Creative (Art) Submission Rules

  • All works must be related to Discord in some way.
  • Your submission must be original.
  • For music, your song should be more than 30 seconds in length. Official Discord client sounds are allowed.
  • There is no word or character count requirement for stories.

How to Submit

Submissions will open on Monday, June 24th 10:00AM PDT and close Friday, June 28th at 11:59PM PDT.

Once open, you can submit your project in the official Discord Hack Week server. More information on how to submit is in the server.

We look forward to seeing all the amazing, creative, wild, wonderful, wonky, woozy, wild, wild, amazing, creative, wild, things you all make. See you during Hack Week!

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