Change Log — 6.20.2019

Change Log — 6.20.2019

Someone never hit publish.


  • Rally your community and unlock sweet server perks with Nitro Server Boosting. Nitro subscribers can now help get all-new, server-wide perks for their favorite server. The more Boosts a server gets, the more perks everyone can enjoy: truckloads of emojis, higher audio quality, server banners, and more.
  • iOS got a massive performance buff. Slather up in SPF 50+ as you bask in faster load times, bathe in quick server switching, and relax with significant battery consumption reduction. Newer phones should now see a consistent 60FPS and older phones perform smoother than a freshly peeled sunburn.
  • Android leveled up too! More accessibility options with font scaling and status indicator changes. Image uploads on Android now match desktop, and you can now long press to copy links in messages. Yesthislastfeatureisfinallyherethankyouforyourpatienceandunderstanding
  • The infamous stuck ping bug on both iOS and Android has been fixed. Know when you peel a sticker off and the white part of it gets left behind? We’ve been scraping away since the last update.
  • We unlocked voice servers in India! Enjoy your locally sourced, craft brewed ping.


  • We turned four this May! It’s been a wild ride! Thank you for supporting us along the way. Check out the video we made for our birthday.
  • Our Trust and Safety team is hiring. Requirements: Must love keeping people safe. Probably plays paladin and tank classes. Definitely makes a good hot chocolate.

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