Celebrating 11 years – our way

“We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.” – Winston S. Churchill

In the spirit of the tradition we started last year, we celebrated our 11th birthday by conducting a food drive and sharing a meal with the underserved in our societies.

The philosophy behind this continuity is in sync with our mission of providing ‘better food for more people’. Hundreds of zomans and hunger heroes distributing healthy and hygienic meals to the underserved across 11 countries (India, Philippines, UAE, Lebanon, Portugal, Australia, Indonesia, NZ, Qatar, USA and Turkey). The global target of distributed meals is 100,000+. No money was spent to buy these meals, instead all the food was pitched in by Feeding India’s and Zomato’s restaurant, caterer and other partners who feel equally strongly about the cause.

Different geographies adhered to different plans but all remain unified in a singular mission – to share meals and spread smiles – 86 cities across the world.

Hunger Heroes from Feeding India played a pivotal role in making this happen in India by identifying hunger spots in 74 cities. Additionally, TikTok creators in Delhi and Mumbai participated by volunteering as well spreading the message on their platform. 

In the Philippines, we engaged with corporate partners as well as large restaurant chains for food and monetary sponsorship. The drive was conducted across north and south of Metro Manila. 

In Indonesia, we followed a two-pronged approach by not only partnering with 20 restaurants for meal donation but also receiving volunteership from students of a culinary university. Both the plans are aimed at providing food to orphans in Jakarta. 

In Turkey and the USA, our zomans prepared sandwiches — codenamed Operation Sandwich — in offices before donating the same to homeless folks on July 6.

In Australia, we decided to distribute warm clothes and blankets to the homeless.

In New Zealand, we’ve partnered with an NGO called Eat my Lunch for lunch prep sessions. The resulting number of meals will be served by our team in Auckland. 

In Portugal, given Zomato Gold’s enormous popularity in Lisbon and Porto, we have partnered with some Gold restaurants and are donating fresh meals through this arrangement involving zomans, as well as volunteers. 

In the UAE, Qatar and Lebanon, our teams have raised funds via the ongoing App for Meals of Hope campaign. The food drive will take place on July 11, with more than 300 volunteers and zomans actively involved in the execution of the food drive in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Doha and Beirut.

Lastly, we are immensely grateful to all the elements (zomans, hunger heroes, restaurant partners, etc.) involved in this food drive. And while we understand this is just a drop in the ocean, we remain optimistic about growing stronger with each passing year.

Source: Zomato