Ember Table 2.0 Release

I’m excited to announce the release of Ember Table 2.0. This release is the culmination of more than 18 months of effort across several Addepar developers and external contributors. This release represents a ground-up re-implementation of Ember Table with a new, modern, and future-compatible API. At Addepar, the new Ember Table 2.0 (“ET2”) brings even better performance on large tables and its enhanced flexibility is a better fit for the advanced use cases that Addepar clients have.

Ember Table in use in the Ember Inspector extension

Over the past year we’ve adopted ET2 into much of Addepar’s product, and in an upcoming release we will have completed our migration away from the legacy version. That milestone, and the corresponding stability requirements, merit an official major release.

Since this release diverges significantly from Ember Table 1.0, we renamed the original version of the library and repo to “ember-table-legacy” to make it easy for legacy codebases to continue using the older version.

If you’ve been waiting to try ET2, now is a great time. It’s a powerful and flexible data table library designed to be approachable yet full of features to accommodate complex needs, such as:

  • fixed headers, footers, and columns
  • row selection and sorting
  • tree tables with group collapsing
  • column resizing and reordering
  • nested subcolumns (an all-new feature in ET2 that supports complex table headers, for example to create pivot tables)
  • ability to render thousands of rows performantly via occlusion rendering (leveraging vertical-collection)
  • compatibility with Ember versions 1.13 through 3.10, with a progressively improved API
  • exported test object for testing tables in your app
Ember Table supports sorting, column reordering, nested data, and more

Additionally, significant effort went into revamping ET2 documentation. The docs use ember-cli-addon-docs so that they are searchable and versioned, with expanded sections and interactive demos.

To start using the new ET2, add `[email protected]^2` to your Ember app’s dependencies, then read the documentation.

Questions or comments? File an issue on GitHub or join us in the #topic-tables channel in the Ember Community Discord.

Interested in working with us at Addepar? Visit addepar.com/careers.

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