Reminder: Only one day left for early-bird pricing on Weekly Python Exercise A3 (objects for beginners)

The biggest problem with software today isn’t writing code. It’s maintaining — debugging, improving, and expanding — existing code. It’s hard to maintain someone else’s code. Heck, it’s even hard to maintain your own code. (Who among us hasn’t looked at code and said, “Who was the idiot who wrote this… oh, it was me…”?)

There’s no magic formula that’ll make code maintenance easy. But you can make it easier if (1) everyone agrees on some conventions for how the code will look and act, and (2) if you can reuse existing code, and thus write less of it.

That’s the promise of object-oriented programming: By reusing existing code, you can write less. Moreover, by agreeing to some general conventions, the code that you do write becomes easier to write and easier to read — and thus, easier to maintain.

Sounds great, right? It is, but (of course) there’s a catch: Object-oriented programming has a whole bunch of vocabulary, conventions, and expectations that tend to overwhelm many experienced developers with a background in objects.

And even if you have experience with objects, then Python’s way of doing things might strike you as as bit odd.

In either case, I have a solution for you: Weekly Python Exercise.

If you feel stuck with Python objects, then Weekly Python Exercise A3 (objects for beginners) is for you. We’ll cover such topics as objects, classes, instances, methods, attributes, and inheritance — not with dry lectures, but by actually solving new problems each week. Here’s how it works:

  • Every Tuesday, you’ll receive a problem description, along with some sources to read and “pytests” tests
  • On the following Monday, you’ll receive a detailed solution and explaination
  • In between, you’ll be able to participate in our exclusive forum
  • About once a month, you can join live office hours, to ask me questions and/or review the answers.

After fifteen weeks of working with objects, you’ll know how to write them, but will also understand the ideas behind them. You won’t be stuck any more, checking Stack Overflow a dozen times each day to double-check the syntax for working with objects in Python. Moreover, you’ll see the Pythonic way of doing things, helping you to write code in a way that Python developers aim to achieve.

Hundreds of developers from around the world have already enjoyed Weekly Python Exercise since it started several years ago. WPE A3 (objects for beginners) starts on September 17th, but early-bird pricing for that cohort ends tomorrow, Tuesday, September 3rd.

Questions or comments? Or think that you’re eligible for one of the many discount coupons? Read more at, or just e-mail me at [email protected].

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