Top 50 Most Popular APIs on RapidAPI (2019)

Last Updated: September 20, 2019

You may be asking yourself:

“What is the most popular and top used APIs out there?”

Well, ask no more.

RapidAPI has got you covered with a fat list of APIs.

With over 400 billion API calls per month, we analyzed the data to see which APIs were the most popular, starting with the top 50.

If you’re looking for the APIs to integrate into your website, software application, or mobile apps, this is the place for you.

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Most Popular APIs

Out of all 10,000+ APIs on RapidAPI’s API marketplace, these are the APIs that over 1,00,000 developers use the most. For each API, click the link to explore the API documentation, or click “Learn More” to read more details about the API.

  1. Skyscanner Flight SearchLearn More
  2. Open Weather MapLearn More
  3. API-FOOTBALLLearn More
  4. The Cocktail DBLearn More
  5. REST Countries v1Learn More
  6. Yahoo FinanceLearn More
  7. Love CalculatorLearn More
  8. URL Shortener ServiceLearn More
  9. NasaAPILearn More
  10. NumbersLearn More
  11. musiXmatchLearn More
  12. – Translation and NLPLearn More
  13. Chuck NorrisLearn More
  14. HearthstoneLearn More
  15. Currency ExchangeLearn More
  16. Breaking NewsLearn More
  17. BookingLearn More
  18. Free NBALearn More
  19. DeezerLearn More
  20. Email ValidatorLearn More
  21. Urban DictionaryLearn More
  22. Pokemon GoLearn More
  23. Recipe – Food – NutritionLearn More
  24. Investors Exchange (IEX) TradingLearn More
  25. Movie Database (IMDB Alternative)Learn More
  26. webcams.travelLearn More
  27. City Geo-Location LookupLearn More
  28. Temp MailLearn More
  29. uNoGSLearn More
  30. WordsAPILearn More
  31. GeoDB CitiesLearn More
  32. Crime DataLearn More
  33. KajakLearn More
  34. Chicken CoopLearn More
  35. JokeLearn More
  36. OpenAPI 1.2Learn More
  37. Text-to-SpeechLearn More
  38. vin-decoderLearn More
  39. Cricket Live ScoresLearn More
  40. Youtube To Mp3 DownloadLearn More
  41. Web SearchLearn More
  42. JokeAPILearn More
  43. GeniusLearn More
  44. Nexmo SMS Messaging APILearn More
  45. Currency ConverterLearn More
  46. TheRundownLearn More
  47. BrainShop.AILearn More
  48. UtellyLearn More
  49. Flight DataLearn More
  50. Crypto Asset TickersLearn More

Skyscanner Flight Search API Documentation

Connect to APIStarting with the most popular API, is Skyscanner.

Now that the Google Flights API is deprecated, many developers are looking to Skyscanner as an alternative.

What is Skyscanner?

Like Google Flights, Skyscanner is a metasearch engine that provides travel data for flights, hotels, car rentals and more. Skyscanner aggregates travel and flight data so you don’t have to go to multiple sites yourself to check each individual flight plan or price.

The Skyscanner API allows you to access this aggregated travel data to retrieve cheapest flight dates and quotes, browse flight routes, and much more.

Skyscanner API Endpoints

Here’s the list of all the available Skyscanner API endpoints:

  • Browse Dates – Retrieve the cheapest dates for a given route from our cache.
  • Browse Quotes – Retrieve the cheapest quotes from our cache prices.
  • Browse Routes – Retrieve the cheapest routes from our cache prices. Similar to the Browse Quotes API but
    with the routes built for you from the individual quotes.
  • Create session – Create a flight search session. A successful response contains no content. The URL to
    poll the results are provided in the Location header of the response.
  • Currencies – Retrieve the currencies that we support.
  • List Places – Get a list of places that match a query string.
  • List markets – Retrieve the market countries that we support. Most suppliers (airlines, travel agents and
    car hire dealers) set their fares based on the market (or country of purchase). It is, therefore, necessary to specify the
    market country in every query.
  • Poll session results – Get itineraries from a created session
  • To Skyscanner

How much is the Skyscanner API?

The Skyscanner API is free to use on with a registered account. Sign up for a free account today!

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Connect to Skyscanner Flight SearchAPI Stats

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Open Weather Map

Open Weather Map API Documentation

Connect to APIOpenWeatherMap is an online service that provides weather data including forecasts and historical data. Their API provides access to weather maps and forecasts for multiple cities across the world.

Open Weather Map API Endpoints

  • Current Weather Data – Using this kind of requests you can get weather data in any location on the earth. The current weather data are updated online based on data from more than 40,000 weather stations.
  • Daily Forecast Weather Data – You can get the weather forecast for 14 days. All weather data can be obtained in JSON or XML format.
  • Forecast Weather Data – You can receive weather forecast in any location on the earth. The flexible algorithm of weather calculation let us provide weather data not only for cities but for any geographic coordinates. It is important for megapolices, for example, where the weather is different on opposite city edges. You can get forecast data every 3 hours or daily. The 3 hours forecast is available for 5 days. Daily forecast is available for 14 days. All weather data can be obtained in JSON or XML format.
  • Search Weather Data – By city name. Put the city name or its part and get the list of the most proper cities in the world. Example – Lon or Lond or London. The more precise city name you put the more precise list you will get. To make it more precise put the city’s name or its part, comma, the name of the county or 2-letter country code. You will get all proper cities in the chosen county. The order is important – the first is city name then comma then the county. Example – Lon, UK or Lon, GB or London, GB or Lon, England. By geographic coordinates.

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Connect to Open Weather MapAPI Stats

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API-FOOTBALL API Documentation

Connect to APIThe API-Football API is the most popular RESTful API for football (soccer) data. It covers over 132 major and minor football leagues. Get live scores, pre-match odds, events, line-ups, standings, stats, and much more.

API-Football Pricing

The API has 3 pricing tiers:

  • Free – $0/month – 50 Requests/day
  • Pro – $19/month – 1,000 Requests/day
  • Ultra – $25/month – Unlimited Requests/day

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Connect to API-FOOTBALLAPI Stats

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The Cocktail DB

The Cocktail DB API Documentation

Connect to APITheCocktailDB is a free API that provides a crowd-sourced database of beverages and cocktails from around the world. The API is free to use for non-commercial purposes. The API allows you to search for cocktails by:

  • Categories
  • Glasses-type (example: flute vs standard cocktail glass)
  • Ingredients
  • Alcoholic-type (Alcoholic vs non-alcoholic)

Connect to The Cocktail DBAPI Stats

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REST Countries v1

REST Countries v1 API Documentation

Connect to APIREST Countries is a simple RESTful API that provides data about the world’s countries. This API was recently acquired by apilayer and will be continued served as a free API for developers.

Connect to REST Countries v1API Stats

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Yahoo Finance

Yahoo Finance API Documentation

Connect to APIYahoo Finance is a property of Yahoo that provides financial news & data as well as online tools for personal finance management. It’s one of the more popular media properties for financial stock data.

Yahoo Finance API Endpoints

Here’s a list of the Yahoo Finance API endpoints and how to use them:

  • Get Summary – This endpoint allows you to get the real-time live market summary information in a specific region at that given time.
  • Get Movers – This endpoint retrieves the day’s gainers, losers, and actives within a given region.
  • Get Quotes – This API Endpoint returns all relevant information for a specific stock quote or groups of stock quotes specified by symbol.
  • Get Charts – This API endpoint returns data that allows you to visualize a chart for a specific symbol and its comparisons. The data includes trading periods, timestamps, comparisons, and more to help draw out charts.

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Love Calculator

Love Calculator API Documentation

Connect to APILearn the compatibility between you and the name of your crush using the love calculator API. Simply insert your name and your partner/love/crush’s name and the API calculates the percentage and compatibility result between you two.

Connect to Love CalculatorAPI Stats

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URL Shortener Service

URL Shortener Service API Documentation

Connect to APIThe URL Shortener Service API is a simple API that converts URLs to short links. It’s completely free to use. Just paste a link to cut it!

Connect to URL Shortener ServiceAPI Stats

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NasaAPI API Documentation

Connect to APIThe Nasa API is an API that queries Nasa’s database and returns statistics about:

  • Asteroid Stats
  • Closest Asteroids
  • Earth Imagery
  • Pictures of Asteroids
  • Mars Rover Photos
  • and much more.

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Connect to NasaAPIAPI Stats

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Numbers API Documentation

Connect to APIAn API for interesting facts about numbers. Provides trivia, math, date, and year facts about numbers.

Numbers API Endpoints include:

  • Get date fact
  • Get math fact
  • Get random fact
  • Get trivia fact
  • Get year fact

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Connect to NumbersAPI Stats

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musiXmatch API Documentation

Connect to APIMusiXmatch is the world’s largest lyrics database with over 50 million active users and over 14 million lyrics. The musiXmatch API grants developers access to this music, album and lyrics data.

musiXmatch API Endpoints

Here are some examples of musiXmatch API endpoints:

  • Album – Get the album object
  • Album.tracks – Get the list of song within an album
  • Artist – Get the artist object
  • Artist.related
  • Matcher.lyrics – Get the lyrics for a song starting by title and artist
  • Matcher.subtitle.get
  • Matcher.track – Starting from your track title and artist name, find our correspondent track
  • Track – Get a track from musixmatch

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Connect to musiXmatchAPI Stats

Popularity Score
Success Rate – Translation and NLP - Translation and NLP API Documentation

Connect to platform is a collection of APIs for Translation, Multilingual Dictionary lookups, Natural Language Processing (Entity recognition, Morphological analysis, Part of Speech tagging, Language Identification…) and Text Extraction (from documents, audio files or images). Learn more about SYSTRAN’s APIs.

Connect to – Translation and NLPAPI Stats

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Chuck Norris

Chuck Norris API Documentation

Connect to APIThe Chuck Norris API is a hilarious API that provides random jokes and memes about the great American hero.

Connect to Chuck NorrisAPI Stats

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Hearthstone API Documentation

Connect to APIHearthstone is a free-to-play online digital collectible card game developed and published by Blizzard Entertainment. The Hearthstone API is a free RESTful API that allows developers to access all Hearthstone card data such as card sets, classes, races, quality, types, factions, and more.

List of Hearthstone API Endpoints

  • Info – Returns a list of current patch, classes, sets, types, factions, qualities, races and locales.
  • All Cards – Returns all available Hearthstone cards including non collectible cards.
  • Single Card – Returns card by name or ID. This may return more then one card if they share the same name. Loatheb returns both the card and the boss.
  • Card Set – Returns all cards in a set. Example values: Blackrock Mountain, Classic.
  • Cards by Class – Returns all cards in a set. Example values: Blackrock Mountain, Classic.
  • Cards by Race – Returns all the cards of a certain race. Example values: Mech, Murloc.
  • Cards by Quality – Returns all the cards of a certain quality. Example values: Legendary, Common.
  • Cards by Type – Returns all the cards of a certain type. Example values: Spell, Weapon.
  • Cards by Faction – Returns all the cards of a certain faction. Example values: Horde, Neutral.
  • Card Search – Returns cards by partial name.
  • Card Backs – Returns a list of all the card backs.

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Connect to HearthstoneAPI Stats

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Currency Exchange

Currency Exchange API Documentation

Connect to APIThe Currency Exchange API gets live currency exchange rates for currencies and foreign exchange rates around the world.

List of Endpoints:

  • exchange – Get Currency Exchange by specifying the quotes of the source (from) and destination (to), and optionally the source amount to calculate which to get the destination amount, by default the source amount will be 1.
  • listquotes – List the available quotes in JSON Array this API support, all the available quotes can be used in source and destination quote. Refer exchange endpoint for more information on how to call the currency exchange from the source quote to destination quote.

Connect to Currency ExchangeAPI Stats

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Breaking News

Breaking News API Documentation

Connect to APIThe Breaking News API (created by MyAllies) is a free RESTful API that provides financial news data such as real-time news feeds, company news (about a specific company), and company details (by company ticker symbol).

Connect to Breaking NewsAPI Stats

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Booking API Documentation

Connect to APIThe unofficial API lets you query information such as available rooms, prices, facilities, policies, hotel reviews, and more from the website.

Connect to BookingAPI Stats

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Free NBA

Free NBA API Documentation

Connect to APIThe Free NBA API is a Pro Basketball API that provides historical data for any game, team, or player.

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Connect to Free NBAAPI Stats

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Deezer API Documentation

Connect to APIThe Deezer API allows developers access into Deezer’s massive music database of over 30 million tracks and playlists.

Endpoints include:

  • Search
  • Album
  • Comment
  • Genre
  • Artist
  • Editorial
  • Playlist
  • Track
  • Radio
  • Infos

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Connect to DeezerAPI Stats

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Email Validator

Email Validator API Documentation

Connect to APIThe Email Validator API checks for fake DNS as well as use regex functions to check email addresses for the right length and accepted characters. For example it will mark as valid an email like ‘[email protected]’ but it will recognize as a fake ‘[email protected]’ (because of the not existing domain)

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Connect to Email ValidatorAPI Stats

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Urban Dictionary

Urban Dictionary API Documentation

Connect to APIUrban Dictionary is an online dictionary that provides definitions for slang words and phrases, based on the crowdsourced information.

There is an unofficial API for Urban Dictionary that accesses their database of definitions and examples.

Dictionary APIs

Connect to Urban DictionaryAPI Stats

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Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go API Documentation

Connect to APIThe Pokemon Go API is a free public API that provides data about all the various data and statistics about this popular game.Stats such as:

  • Candies required to evolve
  • Buddy Distances
  • Raid Pokemon
  • Nesting Pokemon
  • Maximum CP
  • Shiny Pokemon
  • Alolan Pokemon
  • Fast moves
  • Names
  • Charged Moves
  • Released Pokemon
  • and much more!

Category: Gaming APIs

Connect to Pokemon GoAPI Stats

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Recipe – Food – Nutrition

Recipe - Food - Nutrition API Documentation

Connect to APIThe Spoonacular API is the ultimate Recipe, Food and Nutrition database all rolled up into a single API, making it “the only Food API you’ll ever need.”

With Spoonacular, you’ll get access to over 365,000 recipes and 86,000 food products.

Their API has a unique food ontology that allows them to build semantic relationships between ingredients, recipes, and store products.

If you’re building a food-related website or app, Spoonacular API is a must.

Spoonacular API Endpoints

Here is a list of some of the available Spoonacular API endpoints:

  • Analyze Recipe Instructions – Extract ingredients and equipment from the recipe instruction steps.
  • Analyze a Recipe Search Query – Parse a recipe search query to find out its intention.
  • Autocomplete Ingredient Search – Autocomplete a search for an ingredient.
  • Autocomplete Recipe Search – Autocomplete a partial input to possible recipe names.
  • Classify Cuisine – Classify the recipe’s cuisine.
  • Classify Grocery Products (Batch) – Given a set of product jsons, get back classified products.
  • Classify a Grocery Product – Given a grocery product title, this endpoint allows you to detect what basic
    ingredient it is.
  • Convert Amounts – Convert amounts like “2 cups of flour to grams”.
  • Create Recipe Card – Create a recipe card given a recipe.

Spoonacular API Pricing

The Spoonacular API is free up to the first 50 daily API calls. Following that, it is $0.007 per additional call.

There are also a few paid tiers available (Pro, Ultra, & Mega) for heavier users of the API ranging from $29 to $999/month.

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Connect to Recipe – Food – NutritionAPI Stats

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Investors Exchange (IEX) Trading

Investors Exchange (IEX) Trading API Documentation

Connect to APIThe Investors Exchange Trading API is a free, web-based API that supplies IEX quoting and trading data.

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Connect to Investors Exchange (IEX) TradingAPI Stats

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Movie Database (IMDB Alternative)

Movie Database (IMDB Alternative) API Documentation

Connect to APIThe Movie Database API the perfect solution if you’re a developer in need of an API to retrieve IMDb data.

The Movie Database API has two GET endpoints:

  • Search
  • ID or Title

Connect to Movie Database (IMDB Alternative)API Stats

Popularity Score
Success Rate API Documentation

Connect to gathers webcams from around the world and make them accessible to any developers via their API. Using the API, you can enrich your website or app with free webcam content from over 69,687 webcams around the world. API Endpoints

  • /webcams/list/bbox={ne_lat},{ne_lng},{sw_lat},{sw_lng} – This is a modifier. Returns a list of the webcams in the bounding box given by north-east ({ne_lat},{ne_lng}) and south-west ({sw_lat},{sw_lng}) coordinates. Required: {ne_lat},{ne_lng},{sw_lat},{sw_lng}.
  • /webcams/list/category={category}[,{category}[,…]] – This is a modifier. Returns a list of webcams according to the listed categories. Multiple categories must be separated by comma. Required: at least one {category}.
  • /webcams/list/continent={continent}[,{continent}[,…]] – This is a modifier. Returns a list of webcams according to the listed continents. Multiple continents must be separated by comma. Required: at least one {continent}.
  • /webcams/list/country={country}[,{country}[,…]] – This is a modifier. Returns a list of webcams according to the listed country. Multiple countries must be separated by comma. Required: at least one {country}. Possible values are ISO 3166-1-alpha-2 codes.
  • /webcams/list/exclude={webcamid}[,{webcamid}[,…]] – This is a modifier. Exclude the {webcamid} from a list. Multiple {webcamid} must be separated by comma. Required: at least one {webcamid}
  • /webcams/list/limit={limit},{offset} – This is a modifier. Returns the list of webcams sliced by {limit}. The optional offset is given by {offset}. Required: {limit}. The maximum value for {limit} is 50. {offset} defaults to 0. If limit is not given, then a default of limit=10 is applied.
  • /webcams/list/nearby={lat},{lng},{radius} – This is a modifier. Returns a list of webcams near the given coordinates {lat},{lng} up to the given {radius} in kilometers. Required: {lat}, {lng}, {radius}. The maximum value for {radius} is 250.
  • /webcams/list/orderby={order},{sort} – This is a modifier. Returns the list of webcams ordered by {order}. The optional sorting direction is given by {sort}. Required {order}.
  • /webcams/list/property={property}[,{property}[,…]] – This is a modifier. Returns a list of webcams according to the listed {property}. Multiple {property} must be separated by comma. Required: at least one {property}. Possible values are “editors” (featured from the editors), “hd” (high resolution webcams), and “live” (webcams with a live stream). API Pricing

The API allows you to get quality & maintained content, a timelapse player for free via the RapidAPI interface.

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Connect to webcams.travelAPI Stats

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City Geo-Location Lookup

City Geo-Location Lookup API Documentation

Connect to APIThe City Geo-Location Lookup API provides Latitude, Longitude Coordinates as well as Time-Zone of any city.

Connect to City Geo-Location LookupAPI Stats

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Temp Mail

Temp Mail API Documentation

Connect to APIThe Temp Mail API is exactly as the name suggests:
A Disposable Temporary E-mail service which self-destructs after a certain time elapses.
It is also known by names like:

  • tempmail
  • 10minutemail
  • throwaway email
  • fake-mail
  • or trash-mail.

This API helps you avoid spam and stay safe.

Temp Mail API Endpoints

  • Delete message – Delete message, where md5 unique identifier assigned by the system.
  • Domains list – Get domains list
  • Get emails – Check and get a list of emails for a mailbox
  • Get message attachments – Get message attachments by message id
  • Get one message – Get one message by id
  • Source message – Get message source by id

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The Temp Mail API is free to use up to 100 daily requests. There are also some paid pricing plans for increased usage.

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Connect to Temp MailAPI Stats

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Success Rate


uNoGS API Documentation

Connect to APIuNoGS stands for unofficial Netflix online Global Search. Netflix does not have a public API, but the uNoGS API is an unofficial Netflix API that provides sufficient data.

The API has 3 major groups:

    • Country – Search and list titles/releases by country and geo
    • Search – Perform searches for movies or TV shows
    • Title Information – Get details for a specific movie or TV show

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Connect to uNoGSAPI Stats

Popularity Score
Success Rate


WordsAPI API Documentation

Connect to APIThe Words API is “an API for the English Language” that has a wide array of functions such as extracting word definitions or synonyms, retrieving word or phrase example usage, getting rhyming words, and much more.

For a little preview, head on over to their Try It section on the Words API homepage.

Words API Example

Words API Endpoints

Here is a list of a few of the available Words API endpoints:

  • Also – Phrases of which the word is a part.
  • Antonyms – Get antonyms (opposites) of a word.
  • Definitions – Get definitions of a word, including the part of speech.
  • Entails – – Words that are implied by the original word. Usually used for verbs.
  • Examples – Get examples of how the word is used.
  • Frequency – – Expands upon the frequency score returned by the main /words/{word} endpoint. Returns zipf, a score
    indicating how common the word is in the English language, with a range of 1 to 7; per million, the number of times the word
    is likely to appear in a corpus of one million English words; and diversity, a 0-1 scale the shows the likelihood of the word
    appearing in an English document that is part of a corpus. –
  • Has Categories – Categories of the parameter word.
  • Has Instances – Words that are examples of the parameter word.
  • Has Members – Words that belong to the group defined by the parameter word.

Words API Pricing

The Words API is free up to 2,500 daily API calls. After the first 2,500, it costs $0.004 per additional API call.

There is also a Pro, Ultra, and Mega pricing plan available for heavier usage starting at $10, $49, and $89 per month respectively.

Learn more about the Types of APIs

Connect to WordsAPIAPI Stats

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GeoDB Cities

GeoDB Cities API Documentation

Connect to APIGeoDB is an online cities database. It exposes city, region, and country data via a REST JSON API.

GEODB Cities API Endpoints

  • Cities – Find cities, filtering by optional criteria. If no criteria are set, you will get back all known cities with a population of at least 1000.
  • Cities Near City – Get cities near the given city, filtering by optional criteria.
  • Cities Near Location – Get cities near the given location, filtering by optional criteria.
  • City Date-Time – Get the city current date-time in ISO-6801 format: yyyyMMdd’T’HHmmssZ
  • City Details – Get the details for a specific city, including location coordinates, population, and elevation above sea-level (if available).
  • City Distance – Gets the distance to the given city.
  • City Time – Get the city current time in ISO-8601 format: HHmmss.SSSZ
  • Countries – Find countries, filtering by optional criteria. If no criteria are set, you will get back all known countries.
  • Country Details – Get the details for a specific country, including number of regions.

Connect to GeoDB CitiesAPI Stats

Popularity Score
Success Rate

Crime Data

Crime Data API Documentation

Connect to APIThe Crime Data API is a simple database that provides crime alerts for a specific location (using lat/long coordinates) for a specific date range.

Connect to Crime DataAPI Stats

Popularity Score
Success Rate


Kajak API Documentation

Connect to APIThe Kajak (much like Kayak) API is an API to query real-time flight prices, hotel prices, and car rental prices.

Top Hotel APIs

Connect to KajakAPI Stats

Popularity Score
Success Rate

Chicken Coop

Chicken Coop API Documentation

Connect to APIChicken Coop is an unofficial Metacritic API that provides metacritic details about a specific video game and platform.

Connect to Chicken CoopAPI Stats

Popularity Score
Success Rate


Joke API Documentation

Connect to APIThe Joke API allows developers to submit, retrive and voke for jokes. You can search for random jokes or specific types of jokes.

Connect to JokeAPI Stats

Popularity Score
Success Rate

OpenAPI 1.2

OpenAPI 1.2 API Documentation

Connect to APIThe TransLoc OpenAPI is a public RESTful API which allows developers to access real-time vehicle tracking information and incorporate this data into their website or mobile application.

API endpoints include:

  • Agencies
  • Arrival Estimates
  • Routes
  • Segments
  • Vehicles
  • Stops

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Connect to OpenAPI 1.2API Stats

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Text-to-Speech API Documentation

Connect to APIThe Voice RSS Text-to-Speech API converts text to an audio file (such as .mp3). You can get an API key from their website.

Connect to Text-to-SpeechAPI Stats

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vin-decoder API Documentation

Connect to APIThe vin-decoder API is an API that decodes vehicle identification numbers and provides detailed vehicle history reports. Currently, it’s only available for North America, Asia and Europe. This is the API that powers and

Connect to vin-decoderAPI Stats

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Success Rate

Cricket Live Scores

Cricket Live Scores API Documentation

Connect to APIThe Cricket Live Scores API provides sports data for all crciket matches across the world including:

  • cricket scores
  • cricket scorecards
  • test scores
  • ODI scores
  • T20 scores
  • BBL scores
  • IPL scores
  • World Cup scores

Cricket Live Scores API Endpoints

  • # Matches (LIST ALL MATCHES) – Returns a list of matches for any series. The matches can be upcoming, in progress, or completed.
  • Batting Wheel – Batting Wheel
  • Commemtary – Get Detailed Commemtary for a given Match
  • GET Images – Get Images
  • Graph – This can be used to draw the Manhattan chart, Total Runs chart and Run Rate Chart, re-drawn on a live basis as and when match progresses.
  • Match By Series ID – Returns a list of matches for a specific series. The matches can be upcoming, in progress, or completed.
  • Match Live & HighLights – This intended to be used primarily a Live or Completed match highlight view, as it provides the overall current state of a match with a live up- to-the-minute updates and optional media. It does not contain Commentary, Match Players, Ball or other MatchDetail information
  • Match by Match ID – Gets the detail of a match like scores, teams and venue.
  • Patnerships – This intended to be used for display of a Partnership graph for a particular innings within a Match.

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Connect to Cricket Live ScoresAPI Stats

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Youtube To Mp3 Download

Youtube To Mp3 Download API Documentation

Connect to APIThe Youtube to Mp3 API does exactly what it says. Convert any youtube video link into a downloadable Mp3 link. The endpoints allow you to do this for single videos or for multiple videos.

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Connect to Youtube To Mp3 DownloadAPI Stats

Popularity Score
Success Rate

Web Search API Documentation

Connect to APIThe Web Search API is a search engine API created by It’s a simple search engine API that supposedly mimics the way a human brain indexes memories.

The API can perform:

    • autocomplete
    • web search
    • news search
    • and image search

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Connect to Web SearchAPI Stats

Popularity Score
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JokeAPI API Documentation

Connect to APIJokeAPI is another fun API that provides joke categories, joke details, .and jokes!

Connect to JokeAPIAPI Stats

Popularity Score
Success Rate


Genius API Documentation

Connect to APIThe Genius API is a song and lyric API that provides search, song details, and artists details.

Connect to GeniusAPI Stats

Popularity Score
Success Rate

Nexmo SMS Messaging API

Nexmo SMS Messaging API Documentation

Connect to APIThe Nexmo SMS API is a powerful text messaging service. With the API, you can:

  • Automatically send and receive a high volume of SMS.
  • Build SMS service apps with web technologies.
  • Send SMS with low latency and high delivery rates.

Learn how to use Nexmo with PHP.

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Currency Converter

Currency Converter API Documentation

Connect to APIThe Currency Converter API is a simple API that provides historical currency rates, available currencies, and converts currency!

Connect to Currency ConverterAPI Stats

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TheRundown API Documentation

Connect to APITheRundown is a website that provides real-time odds from major sportsbooks. The API gives access to their database to give odds on the:

  • NFL
  • NBA
  • MLB
  • NHL
  • and more

Sportsbooks include:

  • 5Dimes
  • Pinnacle
  • Matchbook
  • Betcris
  • Lowvig
  • TheGreek
  • Justbet
  • Tigergaming
  • Betonline
  • Bookmaker
  • Sportsbetting
  • Intertops

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BrainShop.AI API Documentation

Connect to APIThe BrainShop.AI API enables you to create AI brains, which enables your apps or devices to converse with people in a human language. With this API, you could:

  • Create a chatbot
  • Create a Virtual Assistant
  • Create a Virtual Teacher
  • Add AI to your VR/AR products
  • Interact with players in your game
  • and much more.

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Utelly API Documentation

Connect to APIUtelly is an API that checks to see where you can watch a movie or TV show.

It searches platforms like:

Utelly API Pricing

The Utelly API has a freemium pricing model which is free to use up to 1000 API requests per month. After that, it costs $0.01 per additional request.

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Flight Data

Flight Data API Documentation

Connect to APIThe Flight Data API (created by travelpayouts) is a simple API that provides flight trends and popular destinations for your website or application’s users. With the API, you can query:

  • non-stop tickets
  • popular directions from a city
  • tickets for each day of the month
  • popular airline routes
  • cheapest tickets
  • prices for alternative directions
  • specia offers
  • and much more.

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Crypto Asset Tickers

Crypto Asset Tickers API Documentation

Connect to APIThe Crypto Asset Tickets is an API created by BraveNewCoin that provides spot price tickers and currency conversion for over 500 crypto assets.

With the API you can retrive:

  • Asset Tickers
  • Currecny Conversions
  • Crypto Prices
  • Digital Currency Symbols
  • and Fiat Currency Symbols

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  10. NasaAPI
  11. Zomato
  12. Love Calculator
  13. TransLoc OpenAPI 1.2
  14. BettingOddsApi
  15. Cricket Live Scores
  16. Numbers
  17. Deezer
  18. YahooWeatherAPI
  19. Urban Dictionary
  20. City Geo-Location Lookup
  21. WordsAPI
  22. Youtube To Mp3 Download
  23. ListenNotes
  24. Currency Exchange
  25. Temp Mail
  26. Free NBA
  27. uNoGS
  28. Movie Database (IMDb Alternative)
  29. TheRundown
  30. AirportsFinder
  31. Crypto Asset Tickers
  32. Free Football (Soccer) Videos
  33. Kajak
  34. Indian Mobile info
  35. Get Video and Audio URL
  36. Investors Exchange (IEX) Trading
  37. Web Search
  38. Random Famous Quotes
  39. Nutritionix – Nutrition Database
  40. Email Validator
  41. eBay
  42. IP Geolocation
  43. Edamam Nutrition Analysis
  44. API-NBA
  45. Utelly
  46. CoinMarketCap
  47. Pokemon Go
  48. Meme Generator
  49. Soccer – Sports Open Data
  50. GeoDB Cities


And that’s our top 50 most popular APIs for the month of September. Come back next periodically and we’ll reveal the updated list.

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What is an example of an API?

APIs as a way to serve your customers. You’ve probably heard of companies packaging APIs as products. For example, Weather Underground sells access to its weather data API. Example scenario: Your small business’s website has a form used to sign clients up for appointments.

Source: Free Code Camp

How many types of APIs are there?

There are four main types of APIs:

  1. Open APIs
  2. Partner APIs
  3. Internal APIs
  4. Composite APIs

Apart from main web APIs, there are also web service APIs:

  • SOAP
  • REST

Read more about types of APIs.

What is an API and How Do They Work?

API stands for Application Programming Interface. API is an interface that allows your application to interact with an external service using a simple set of commands. 

Learn more about how to use an API.

What is the difference between API and Web Service?

A web service allows a program or application to communicate with a web page. Some people call a web service an “application service,” which basically serves as the middleman between the computer and a browser.

An API, or application programming interface, is considered a web service which allows communication between two programs on a server that receives requests and sends responses.

Learn more about APIs vs web services.

Which is the best API?

According to creativebloq, these are the best 15 APIs out there:

  1. Google Maps
  2. Google Maps Geocoding API
  3. IBM Watson
  4. FullContact
  5. Twitter
  6. Facebook
  7. Stormpath
  8. Amazon S3
  9. Dropbox
  10. Google Apps
  11. Stripe
  12. Twilio
  13. MailChimp
  14. SendGrid
  15. Slack

See more popular APIs here.

What is a public API?

An open API (often referred to as a public API) is a publicly available application programming interface that provides developers with programmatic access to a proprietary software application or web service. APIs are sets of requirements that govern how one application can communicate and interact with another.

Source: Wikipedia

What is an API Marketplace?

The attraction of using a marketplace is one of simplicity. Developers can come to one place for the majority of their needs as an API consumer. This attraction is piqued with added value features like webhook aggregation (as recently released by RapidAPI), integrated API onboarding, centralized support, and issue tracking. By using these features developers only need to do one integration across many API providers.

Source: NordicAPIs

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