Firefox Kiosk Mode

As someone who loves the HTML and web APIs, I want to see them used in all different types of devices and mediums. Being that I work for the amazing Mozilla Corporation, seeing Firefox and the gecko web engine thrive in those spaces is important to me.

Firefox was recently featured in the Firefox OS phone, Firefox OS TV, and a host of IoT devices. I was pleased to see our platform team recently created a new mode for launching Firefox — “kiosk mode”:

firefox --kiosk "

# Mac direct launch
# /Applications/Firefox --kiosk

Kiosk mode immediately launches Firefox in full screen (and full screen cannot be undone).

I’m hoping to find some improvements to this in its current form, including: hiding title bar, hiding address bar, and hiding tabs — a true “chrome-only” view. Congrats to the Firefox team — this kiosk mode was asked for 17 years ago!

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