Tech Content I Liked 2019-10-24

I’m going to try to write more often. To start, here are some things other people wrote or said this week that I liked:


There are no shortcuts to mastery: You just have to practice. This is not really technical, but it does talk about software projects. I like the positive attitude that there are important lessons to be learned from "bad" work situations.

How "deep systems" broke observability

Ben presents a nice high-level model about how to think about observability in complex systems, and how it relates to reliability. This is a nice way to think about the problem, without getting bogged down in technical detail. There is also an article version, but it doesn’t talk through the examples that the talk does. Facebook doesn’t let you control the playback speed, so use document.querySelector('video').playbackRate = 1.2; in the JavaScript console. Facebook’s (Systems|Performance) @Scale conference generally has excellent talks (see the list from the recent version).

Making the Tokio scheduler 10X faster

I didn’t really understand and started skimming the second half, but first half is one of the best explanations of schedulers I’ve ever read, including some excellent diagrams. While this discusses a Rust implementation, it is not Rust specific. Schedulers like this exist in many systems: operating system kernels, databases, network libraries like Netty and gRPC, etc.

Source: Evan Jones

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