Support for PS4 and Xbox One Gaming Consoles

Your Xbox and PS4 game crashes are siloed and locked away. Backtrace crash reporting frees them from their shackles and empowers engineering teams to build better games, faster.

Feature Highlights

  • Make your error data useful! Backtrace automatically indexes system and custom metadata, and symbolicates as needed
  • Speed detection! Integrate with to your Jira, Slack, and other tools to fit with your team workflow
  • Fix quickly! Easily prioritize, investigate, and resolve crashes that impact players

Why Crash Reporting?

Crashes and exceptions can happen in your game without anyone knowing, and game development teams generally rely on manual interaction to collect diagnostic info. As the popularity of your game climbs and additional platforms are added, teams will encounter an increased volume of crashes that makes it hard to identify the most important issues. And even when teams know where to focus, it takes too much time to explore all the details to get to the cause.

Why Backtrace?

Backtrace is the first and only true cross-platform crash and error reporting platform that makes it easy to capture games crashes from all runtime environments, including game consoles, desktops, mobile, and game servers, helping your team prioritize and resolve the most important issues 50-90% faster than before. You can read more about how studios like Cryptic Studios and Perfect World, THQ Nordic, and Roblox have been using Backtrace to improve their Game Development Lifecycles.

Triage Game Crashes Xbox PS4

Triage issues with specific graphic cards, specific game or OS versions, or whatever filters you want to apply. Quickly view the stack trace and ancillary data to take some quick actions.

How does it work?

Xbox and Playstation developer portals are a fine way to start collecting crash data from your games running on those consoles. But what if you are building games for multiple platforms? How do you scale up and ensure your engineering team has the right instability information they need at the right time to keep customer satisfaction high and player turnover low.

  • Backtrace offers multiple integration points for your games to allow your developers to have unfettered access to all your error data from every platform your game runs on, turning it into useful information.
  • Developers can choose to integrate a crash reporter directly into their game, so that errors can be directly submitted to your Backtrace instance. Many game developers are doing just that, via integration to the Unreal or Unity engine, or via our own Crash Reporting libraries for C++, .NET, and other languages.
  • As an alternative, Backtrace is developing a new integration path such that all crash and error data that is already reported to your existing Sony Playstation and Xbox Developer portals can be further captured and indexed by Backtrace, allowing integration without any further code changes to your game.
Explore Game Crashes Xbox PS4

Explore your data based on offending modules, references in stack traces, or any other piece of metadata collected. Perform powerful analysis with summarization and aggregation functions.


With Backtrace, game development teams can achieve a single repo for cross-platform crash and exception reporting. This helps speed time to resolve issues with rich insight into the errors, integrated symbolication, and tight integration with issue tracking tools like Jira, GitHub Issues, and more.

If your game is still in development or testing, Backtrace will enable you to keep to your development schedule, minimizing the time and resources needed to fix severe issues as new gameplay is developed and tested.

For games that are released, Backtrace helps you know what errors happen in the wild without relying on player reports and manual interaction to collect the data, and identify which issues are most important to focus on based on player impact, or custom information most important to you.

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