Episode 13: Salesforce JavaScript Frameworks with Kris Gray

This week I welcome Kris Gray, Principal Software Engineer at Salesforce, to the show. He shares how JavaScript frameworks have been used at Salesforce throughout the years. In the early years, the main challenge was a wild west of different frameworks.  Then as development standards were changing, Salesforce was trying to get its own component framework up and running. It’s been a long and complicated route to get to Lightning Web Components, so enjoy this brief history of JavaScript frameworks at Salesforce.


Show Highlights:

  • Kris shares the evolution of JavaScript Frameworks, including the technology and programming used originally and how it shifted over time
  • Why the difficulty with versioning and the desire for a less bulky framework wins out over a highly complex interface every time
  • JavaScript is just one of the aspects used in rendering a web interface, another important component is CSS
  • The current iteration of JavaScript with Salesforce in the form of Lightning Web Components




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