Episode 14: Accessibility Projects with Shreyans Jain

This week Shreyans Jain, Senior Member of Technical Staff at Salesforce, joins me to discuss
his passion for technological equality. This drives him to continue to work on and innovate on the Salesforce Platform and other technologies on accessibility.  Together we talk about the use of various AI technology and APIs to achieve the goal of broader equality across the internet and platforms.


Show Highlights:


  • Shreyans’ experience and passion for making information accessible through a variety of modes (other than visual) and some of his research on audio versus spatial language
  • Using the Einstein Vision AI as inspiration to create a Chrome extension which converts images into text, even when alternative text for an image does not exist
  • Shreyans’ quip voice assistant and its ability to interact with your documents and some ways you can extend the assistant by using the quip API platform or Quip Live Apps platform


Shout Outs:

Source: Salesforce