I’m a Former HubSpot Engineering Co-op. Here’s Why I Chose to Work Here Full-Time.

“Wow, that sounds like real work.”

I remember driving through Vancouver on vacation with my family when I heard this from my dad. He had just asked me about my co-op at HubSpot and what I was working on, and after describing what my current project was he expressed surprise that they were giving me what he considered “real work.” It turns out that at his company, interns are given small side projects with little to no risk of breaking things. That difference in responsibility is what sets the co-op program at HubSpot apart from the other opportunities I looked at. I had heard so much about how HubSpot treats their co-ops like full-time employees, how they were even given the same interview as full-timers. I wanted to experience that for myself.

Source: HubSpot