How To Talk About Tech And The Internet In Swedish

Technology is everywhere in most of modern society. It’s in your pocket, it’s on your wrist, it’s floating through the air all around you. You could try to opt out entirely, but it’s almost impossible. Which means when you’re learning a new language, you’ll probably need to pick up some tech vocab. It’ll be even more useful should you choose to use the internet to learn a new language, which we would recommend. Fortunately, we’ve got a list to prepare you for using the internet in Swedish.

Below, we’ve collected some of the most common terms you might run into when talking about tech and the internet in Swedish. To hear each term pronounced by a native speaker, just hit the play button next to each word or phrase.

Talking About Tech And The Internet In Swedish

Swedish Technology Vocabulary

hardware — hårdvara

a computer — en dator

a laptop — en bärbar dator

a cable — en sladd

to charge — att ladda

a keyboard — ett tangentbord

a mouse — en mus

a printer — en skrivare

compatible — kompatibel

wireless — trådlös

a software — mjukvara

to install — att installera

a click — ett klick

a menu — en meny

a folder — en mapp

a file — en fil

to save — att spara

a bug — en bugg

offline — offline

to drag — att dra

Swedish Internet Vocabulary

internet — internet

a browser — en webbläsare

a link — en länk

to load — att ladda

a blog — en blogg

a virus — ett virus

pop-up — pop-up

online — online

to download — att ladda ner

to search — att söka

email — e-post

chat — chatt

a message — ett meddelande

a draft — ett utkast

an emoticon — emotikon

an email address — en e-postadress

to write — att skriva

to open — att öppna

an attachment — en bilaga

to send — att skicka

social media — sociala medier

to sign up — att registrera sig

to log in — att logga in

a member — en medlem

a password — ett lösenord

popular — populär

a forum — ett forum

community — community

a network — ett nätverk

to follow — att följa

Swedish Tech And Internet Phrases

I spend my time in front of the computer. — Jag tillbringar min tid framför datorn.

All of my files are gone. — Alla mina filer är försvunna.

You can download the program. — Du kan ladda ner programmet.

The keyboard is quite dirty. — Tangentbordet är riktigt smutsigt.

Your password should be secret and hard to guess. — Ditt lösenord bör vara hemligt och svårt att lista ut.

I follow some of my friends on Twitter so I can keep up with what they are doing. — Jag följer några vänner på Twitter, så att jag kan hålla mig informerad om vad de gör.

I need to be online, I’ve got about a million emails to send. — Jag måste vara online, jag måste skicka typ en miljon mejl.

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