Meeting… Jeremy Gayed, Lead Software Engineer

Illustration by Claire Merchlinsky

“Meeting…” is an ongoing series from NYT Open that features New York Times employees from different corners of the company. In this installment, we meet Jeremy Gayed, a lead software engineer.

What is your name?
Jeremy Gayed

What are your pronouns?

What is your job?
Lead Software Engineer

What does that mean?
Typically, I work with other engineers across teams and projects to help lead technical decisions.

How long have you been at The Times?
Time flies! It’ll be six years in December.

Most Times employees are working remotely right now. Where are you working from these days?
I’m working from my home in northern New Jersey.

How do you start your day?
Typically, it starts with my son or daughter providing a too-much-energy-for-this-hour-of-the-morning wake-up call.

What is something you’ve worked on recently?
Most recently, I’ve been working on our GraphQL strategy at The Times.

Tell us about a project you’ve worked on at The Times that you’re especially proud of.
A few years ago, we were fortunate enough to work on a green field project: the replatforming of our core site architecture. It started out with the home page and story pages, but it has grown to support multiple reader-facing products today, such as the video and audio pages.

What was your first job?
I think it was at Blockbuster, back when renting physical movies was a thing. I thought I’d love the perk of free movie rentals, but the job was super boring so I only lasted a couple months.

What is something most people don’t know about you?
I really enjoy seeing other people completely nerd out on a passion of theirs — it’s so fun seeing how much enjoyment someone gets out of something they care a lot about. What do I enjoy nerding out on? Halo!

What is your secret to career success?
I have learned a lot from others. It’s an order of magnitude better and faster than figuring things out on your own.

What is your superpower?
I love picking up a topic I know little about and digging deep into the rabbit hole to understand all the nuances that usually takes a lot of time and experience to understand.

What are you inspired by?
I’m inspired most by my dad. He’s a person of profound wisdom, but he also has deep humility and finds great joy in helping others.

Name one thing you’re excited about right now.
The NBA is back! It’s been such a slow grind these past few months without some elite-level basketball to watch.

What is your best advice for someone starting to work in your field?
Don’t be afraid to ask questions! Nobody really knows what they’re doing and we’re all just figuring it out, if someone else already has the answer, it usually just means they started earlier than you — there’s no shame in that.

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