7 Reasons Winter Is The Perfect Time To Learn A Language

When you’re motivated and determined, any season is the best time to learn a language. But there’s something about winter that really says, “The weather outside is frightful, but these language lessons are so delightful.” Whether you’re avoiding hypothermia up north or staying out of that 60-degree cold front down south, here are seven reasons winter is the best time to learn a language. So grab your phone or laptop, get cozy and start learning!

Why Winter Is The Best Time To Learn A Language

1. You Don’t Have To Leave Your Bed

Learning a language only requires a computer or mobile device, so you can stay inside. In your bed. Under the covers. Where it’s warm. Need we say more?

2. You Can Do It While Cuddling A Warm Pet Or Blanket

The beauty of app-based learning is that it works well with some light multitasking. You can study while you’re waiting in line, commuting, making coffee or, most importantly for the winter months, while you’re snuggled up with your pet, a human loved one or a nice cozy blanket. If you know you’ll be warm and comfortable, it may motivate you to learn even more!

3. Cold Weather Stimulates Your Brain

Here’s where things get really interesting. It turns out, you might actually learn better when it’s cold outside. Research suggests that cooling the body down when it’s hot takes more energy than heating the body up when it’s cold. Therefore, your body is using less energy in colder weather, leaving more energy (in the form of glucose) for brain function. Studies have actually shown that we are able to make complex decisions better in the cold than in warmer temperatures.

4. You’ll Finally Have An Excuse To Buy Those Texting Gloves

You’ve been eyeing them in stores, or perhaps even considered adding them to your online shopping cart, but you’ve never been able to bring yourself to buy those touchscreen-friendly texting gloves. Well, we’re giving you a reason to go through with that impulse purchase. This way, if you do have to venture out into the cold, you’ll be able to use your language-learning app while keeping your hands warm. It’s a win-win!

5. You’ll Know The Language Before Travel Kicks Back Up Again

One of the most common reasons for learning a new language is to make your travels more meaningful. If you start studying in the winter, then you’ll likely have a strong grasp on the language by the time the spring and summer travel seasons roll around. Of course, the dangling prospect of travel will feel even more aspirational and motivating in 2021 — we may not be ready to resume international adventures by summer this year, but it’ll be all the more rewarding when you can eventually use those language skills to make new friends, eat better food and avoid getting lost on your overseas adventures.

6. Hot Drinks Make A Great Study Aid

Whether you’re a tea drinker, or coffee or hot chocolate is more your cup of tea, hot drinks can warm your body and your mind. There’s nothing better than sipping a steaming beverage while cracking open a book or learning with an app. You can even take it a step further and make a hot drink from another country to inspire your language learning.

7. Did We Mention You Don’t Have To Leave Your Bed?

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