Look Back on the Cloud Native Virtual Summit featuring Kubernetes: Katie Gamanji, American Express

Kubernetes has become the default container orchestrator framework, setting the standard for application deployment in a distributed architecture. At D2iQ, we’re proud to work with some of the world’s largest organizations as they deploy and manage Kubernetes clusters on their cloud native journeys. 


During our second Cloud Native Virtual Summit featuring Kubernetes with Alcide, Katie Gamanji, cloud platform engineer at American Express, discussed the evolution of Kubernetes, from command-line interface (CLI) to GitOps. 


Katie joined American Express to transfer the current platform to a cloud native architecture, furthering the organization’s agility and flexibility goals. She described her contributions to the build-out of a new platform that is based on cloud-native principles and open-source tooling, with Kubernetes as the focal point. Through the deployment of kubectl plugins and cluster state managers and the implementation of GitOps, ClickOps and even SheetOps, Katie is helping to drive digital transformation at one of the world’s largest globally-integrated payment companies. 


Additionally, as one of eleven elected members of the Technical Oversight Committee (TOC) within the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF), Katie also works to steer and maintain the technical vision of the CNCF landscape. The TOC approves and creates conceptual architectures for new projects, aligns projects and removes or archives projects, and defines standard practices to be implemented across CNCF projects.


To learn more about how Katie is furthering cloud native innovation, watch her full presentation: The Building Blocks of DX: K8s Evolution from CLI to GitOps, Katie Gamanji, Cloud Platform Engineer at American Express

Source: Mesosphere

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