Interior Define customer spotlight: Providing accessible, innovative interior design experiences

Interior Define customer spotlight: Providing accessible, innovative interior design experiences

This article is part of our Customer Spotlight series, highlighting the creative ways our customers use data science to grow smarter.

Interior Define is revolutionizing how people shop for furniture for their home, enabling customers to customize beautifully crafted pieces with the help of one of the brand’s in-house design specialists — without breaking the bank. Featured in leading publications like Forbes, Architectural Digest, and Business Insider, the digitally native brand is taking off like wildfire.

Emphasizing customer-centricity, Interior Define’s Design Specialists have always worked beyond the in-store experience, engaging with customers on chat, email, phone, or FaceTime. This is one reason the brand can compete with traditional design firms, which often don’t have the personal touch needed to entice and engage customers throughout the design process.

During the pandemic, Interior Define hired Design Specialists in particular markets where there was growing demand for design assistance. Despite not having a physical presence, they discovered that placing local Associates who understand the regional aesthetics (e.g. home decor in Dallas is very different than Miami), and who already have an existing network of customers, helps drive awareness, meets customers’ design needs, and also allows the brand to assess the market viability for future physical locations.

It’s with this innovative mindset that they work with Faraday, focusing on a few key initiatives: gaining insight into their existing customers, acquiring valuable customers through SEM, and further personalizing customer experiences.

Gaining insight into existing customers

Interior Define wanted to know how their customers who bought furniture differed from those who had only ordered fabric swatches, a common first step in the design customization process. So, Faraday enriched their first-party data with hundreds of third-party attributes to give them a more holistic view of their customers. The brand was able to compare key insights like pet-ownership, home size, income, and shopping styles — all of which help them understand how to best engage their customers.

Learn more customer insight discovery with Faraday.

Acquiring high-LTV customers

Looking to Google Ads as a potential goldmine for new customers, Interior Define worked with Faraday to optimize their SEM campaigns. Faraday suggested bid modifiers in specific zip codes to help the brand prioritize their ad spend in geos where there was a high propensity of conversion.

Interior Define ran five campaigns on Google Ads, comparing the performance in zips that Faraday suggested bid modifiers for to the performance in zips where Faraday did not suggest bid modifiers. In the geos where Faraday suggested bid modifiers, they saw:

  • +38% increase in conversion
  • -21% decrease in CAC
  • +95% increase in average conversion value
  • +147% increase in overall ROAS

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Personalizing customer experiences

Interior Define is all about personalization in their product offerings and design services, and this extends out to their marketing campaigns. To help the brand effectively engage their various types of customers, Faraday used machine learning algorithms to generate unique personas that the brand can use to personalize ad creative and segment audiences in order to improve click-through-rates, conversion, and reduce churn.

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Why we love this client

In addition to offering beautifully crafted furniture and decor, Interior Define makes interior design guidance and execution readily accessible, providing more people than ever the opportunity to have professional assistance in curating their homes. The brand puts the customer first, working both virtually and physically to ensure that each one has an enjoyable, personalized experience — whether they’re customizing a single couch or redecorating an entire room. If you’re thinking about redesigning your living space, we’d encourage you to check them out.

Source: Faraday

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