Un Día En Español 6: Fake Wedding In Montevideo

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Episode 6: Fake Wedding In Montevideo

In Uruguay, like in many other places around the world, people are waiting longer and longer before getting married. But where does that leave all the 20-somethings who crave unforgettable parties with food, drinks and dancing? Well, they arrange fake weddings — otherwise known as falsas bodas. In this episode, Martina takes us to a falsa boda in Montevideo, where things get a bit dangerous.

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Key Vocabulary

la fiesta  party 
la boda  wedding 
el novio  groom 
la novia  bride 
la dama de honor  maid of honor 
casarse  to get married 
joven  young 
comprar una entrada  to buy a ticket 
hoy en día  nowadays 
tardar  to take a long time
la ropa  clothes 
los/as invitados/as  guests 
raro  strange 
el vestido  dress
el cristal  glass 
la sangre  blood
pasarla bien  to have fun 

Dynamic Transcript

Show Notes

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