Geometry Nodes and the Melting Iceberg

The geometry nodes project will soon make its debut in the upcoming Blender 2.92. Dalai Felinto made a presentation with an overview of the project process so far, with emphasis on what the team learned from it.

Blender Today – Host: Pablo Vazquez, Guest: Dalai Felinto

To change a development culture takes time. However, most of the outtakes from this process are nothing new to Blender. Design-driven development and close collaboration with artists is at the core of what makes Blender so successful. The most recent challenge, however, is to find ways of handling this at scale.

Working with multi-faceted teams is a answer to some of those questions. And while the specific framework is secondary, the principles of agile development serve Blender well.

This team-based and design driven development will be reproduced in other projects for this quarter:

  • Library overrides (proxy replacement, review and documentation)
  • Asset browser (local asset browser and pose libraries)
  • Geometry nodes (polishing, attribute workflow, tools)

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