Zoe's First Month

Hellooo! Nice to ‘see’ you! I am so excited to share my application process, and first month’s experience at Kogan with all of you. Hopefully it can give you an idea of what you can expect during your application process, and what your first month will look like as a software engineer at Kogan.

The whole application process for a software engineer role was incredibly pleasant, fast and smooth. It took less than 3 weeks in total from submitting my application to receiving an offer. First of all, I emailed Kogan to express my great interest and after that:

  1. Coding challenge: You will be sent a problem statement to solve within 2 days. You can choose any programming languages you prefer so it is a good time to show off your coding skills and style!
  2. Phone interview: With the CTO and Director of Technology Projects
  3. Online Coding & Lightning Talk: During this session, you will be asked to code with some of the senior developers. In Addition, you will be given a chance to present on any tech topic that you are passionate about for around 8 minutes. This was the most interesting and impressive part for me! Overall, this interview takes around 60 minutes.
  4. Receive an offer!

Since joining Kogan, I’ve found it to be a super attractive place to work.

We are keen to get things done! Imagine you are working for a household name in Australia, and your work goes to production everyday that impacts people’s online shopping experience. I still remember the satisfaction achieved after I shipped my first front end change within 24 hours after the first day with Kogan.

The team here is very quick moving and no day is the same – this can be one of the biggest challenges for new joiners. However, the team is a group of talented and motivated engineers who are eager to help you. You are encouraged to ask for help when you need, rather than sitting alone behind your screen. Whenever you ask a tech question within the group, you will not only have different solutions shared with you, but are also constantly learning various tech best practices. This supportive atmosphere really helps me to understand my task and to get familiar with the project structure.

In my short time here so far, I have already worked on several Kogan changes. These include adding new functionality to the customer’s order history page and improving filtering search results on mobile web. More recently, I’ve also made improvements to our personalised discount email template and started my backend development journey. This is definitely one of the most rewarding parts for me. At Kogan, you will have many opportunities to work across the frontend, backend and infrastructure. Trust me, it is one of the best places to develop your software engineering career.

I’m looking forward to joining in our great social activities like hack-days, regular tech talks in the IT team and our next React Meetup (watch this space!).

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