Un Día En Español 13: Landing My TV Dream Job

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Episode 13: Landing My TV Dream Job

Daniela is trying to break into the New York City film and television industry, which is no easy task! She gets up at 5 a.m. every morning to look for production job listings around the city. When she gets a lead for a gig on the hit Netflix show Orange is the New Black, Daniela’s determined to get hired. Does she have what it takes to land her dream job?

Key Vocabulary

desempleado/a  unemployed 
la industria del cine film industry 
encontrar trabajo to find a job 
despertarse  to wake up 
el anuncio de puestos de trabajo job posting
el estudio de cine film studio 
el currículum résumé
el guardia de seguridad security guard
la carrera career 
entrar to go in 
llamar a la puerta to knock on the door
llamar por teléfono to make a phone call
el/la asistente de dirección  assistant director
la sensación positiva positive feeling 
cansado/a tired
preocupado/a worried
chévere cool (commonly used in Colombia, Cuba and Venezuela, among other countries) 
supervisor/a de continuidad script supervisor 

Dynamic Transcript

Show Notes

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