5 Reasons You Should Submit a Proposal to Speak At ChefConf ’21: Online

ChefConf 21: Online takes place September 7-9, 2021 and no matter where you are, you again have an opportunity to present from the comfort of your own home office. With ChefConf online again this yearwe’re so excited to have you present at the DevOps Conference of the Year. The ChefConf call for presenters is now open.  

This year at ChefConf, we are following the theme: Chef helps teams accelerate their DevOps journeys. We’re sure you have a compelling story that will help others learn and growand avoid the inevitable mistakes you made along the wayGive voice to your story and shine the light for those who need help. What DevOps challenges did you overcome or help your customers overcome? What did you learn from your experiences? We are eager to hear your stories and encourage you to submit a proposal before June 30th to speak at ChefConf 21.  

To find more details about this year’s event, you can check out the ChefConf website. If you are still wondering if you should submit a proposal to speak, here are five great reasons why: 

Reason #1: Show off your accomplishments 

Tell us about a project you are passionately working on using Chef that has a story in DevOps and we’ll help you share your story. Use this as a golden opportunity to inspire your peers and get a spotlight in front of DevOps folks. 

The topics you might cover include: 

  • New or reimagined use cases for existing structures in DevOps  
  • Building systems that balance the different needs in team sizes  
  • Moving beyond config management into a holistic organization view  
  • Discussions of new concepts or technologies entering the DevOps ecosystem 

Reason #2: Grow your network 

It has never been easier to connect with your peers all across the globe. ChefConf 2020 had over 4,000 registrations nearly 6,000 session views over the two-day event. ChefConf ‘21 will be another global, digital event. By presenting at ChefConf you can meet new peers and influencers in your field. Reach out and connect to the world by speaking at ChefConf. 

Reason #3: Support to be a great presenter 

Our Design and Product Marketing team can help you draft, rehearse, present, record and share your story. We’ve got you covered to help you tell your story the best way possible.  

Reason #4: Career advancement 

The ability to clearly and accurately share an interesting technology story is important in the DevOps Industry, and all of our sessions this year will be shared on our website for years after the event. (Check out 2020 and 2019’s videos for inspiration!) 

Reason #5: Speaker swag 

Speakers will receive exclusive swag that’s not available anywhere else. We’d love to share our best swag with you.  

Submit your talk now! 

You have so much to gain by submitting a proposal to speak at ChefConf ’21: Online. Go ahead and submit your proposal before June 30, 2021 and let’s spread the word. 

Some tips for submissions: 

  • Keep it short, simple, and focused – Use the title that clearly states the topic and highlights key points. Make sure your abstract is to the point, easy to understand, and does not include unnecessary jargon and acronyms. 
  • Make it interesting – Put yourself in the place of the conference attendee and imagine what they want to hear. What challenges are they facing that you can help resolve? Demonstrate if you have any good use cases to share. 
  • Review before you hit submit – Make sure you have thoroughly proofread your entry. Always ask for a peer review. 

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