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Backtrace is excited to announce the release of our Project Overview page!

The Overview page is the newest addition to our Web Console, designed to give users an ‘at a glance’ view of their project.

Backtrace has always provided amazing crash reporting and observability functionality, allowing developers to quickly debug issues across any platform!  But what about giving simple, high-level insight into a project’s health?

Project leads, managers,  and others can’t afford to spend time drilling into details!  The Overview page was designed to fill those needs!

An “At a glance” synthesis

The Overview page aggregates important metrics all onto one page so users can quickly get a sense of the health of their project.

Errors by version, platform, and classifier are all displayed in one place for easy viewing.!

The Project Overview Page

Get an ‘at a glance’ view of your project’s health with our Project Overview page

Track the performance of new releases

Use the Overview page to visualize error count over time broken down by version to raise issues with a new release. Customize which attribute you want to map to “version” to get the most out of this widget.

Visualizes your project's error count, broken out by application version

Track your project’s errors through time, by application version!

Use filters to customize your analysis

Just like with the Web Console’s Triage and Explore views, the Overview page allows you to filter on custom attributes and time frame to give you more control over your insight.

We want your feedback!

This release marks the first of many iterations of the Overview tool!

Throughout the end of the year, we plan to extend the page’s functionality and need your feedback to do so!

Key updates to look forward to by the end of the year:

  • Fully customizable layout + widgets
  • Cross-project overview so you can track many projects at once
  • New visualizations and visual design changes to improve data density

We welcome you to reach out to our support team so you can help us shape the future of the Overview Page!

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