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Curious Customer

June 28, 2016 Jay 0

I currently work on a pretty small team, 4 devs (including myself). We have no one dedicated strictly to QA. A few years ago we Read More

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Drop Books

June 25, 2015 Jay 0

The vast majority of books I purchase are for my own enjoyment, but not all of them. There are a few books that I buy Read More

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Preview Arbitrary HTML

January 8, 2015 Jay 0

I’m a big fan of for sharing code. It’s fantastic for quickly putting something online to talk over with someone else. I’ve often found Read More

LTR Org Chart

January 7, 2015 Jay 0

Most traditional organizations have an Org Chart that looks similar to the following: Org Charts displayed in this way emphasize the chain of command. A Read More

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