Programming Digest 3

July 22, 2013 mishadoff 0

Why your software sucks and what is the "Secret Weapon". Also, algorithm complexities refresher, functional programming, including Scala and Clojure, concurrency and lot of humor. Read More

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Clojure Euler: Problem 020

July 21, 2013 mishadoff 0

Find the sum of the digits in the number 100! Permalink: First of all we need to calculate factorial. Without integer overflows, stack overflows Read More

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July 6, 2013 mishadoff 0

randomorg-0.1 released! If you use random numbers in your software you might be interested in better numbers distribution than Random.nextInt(). Someone solves this problem with Read More

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For Jo

July 4, 2013 alex 0

This was originally drafted as response to [Jo Rabin’s blog post] discussing a meetup the W3C TAG hosted last month. For some reason, I was Read More

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